Linen care tips

Linen clothes WASHING TIPS


Water’s temperature


We recommend to soak, wash and rinse linen at the same temperature, for example 30 degrees, so linen clothes will remain soft, won’t shrink and avoid creasing. We suggest to use delicate or hand-wash cycles of washing machine or wash by hands.




Use special detergent for linen, silk and wool, for example with lanolin.




Rinse with distiled vinegar grout so linen colors wil remain bright.




Use slow spin cycle. Vigorous spinning can damage kniited linen clothes.




Do not tumble dry your linens, as it may leave permanent creasing and it definitely shortens the life of linen. If you have a dryer, don’t be tempted to dry your linen in the machine. Instead, allow the delicate items to dry naturally, and away from direct sunlight to prevent bleaching.




Use hot iron while the linens are still slightly damp.


Linen properties


Linen clothes are comfortable to wear, breathable, antiallergic.